Terms and condition

Terms and condition



The list of fish in the stock list maybe unavailable, depending on their season, fish condition, and natural

We can offer the alternative fish for you when you need our recommend to receive the fish in substitute.



All price appear in this stock list are quoted in US Dollars and Cents.

packing charge is US $7-$15 per box, depending on the packing type

Handling fee is US $90 per shipment

Freight rate will be provided port by port, depending on the destination and airline.

(FOB at Bangkok in US Dollars)



We accept fully advanced payment only. And payment slip must be sent to us at least 4 days before shipment date, in order to confirm your credibility of purchasing

Note: Western Union, Moneygram are accepted

The account detail will provide to you in personal e-mail.



Quantity per box will be provided according to our rate charge on price list.

The minimum order per each item code is 1/6boxes.

Discount will be given shipment by shipment, depending on the volume and frequency.


Guarantee & Claim (DOA claiming)

Death on arrival is simple situation for import-export fish business

  1. We cover the damage only for the fish cost (do not cover shipping and applicable packing charge cost)
  2. We claim for the fish which has more than 5% dead.
  3. You must take picture of the dead fish and send to us within 24 hours after the shipment arrived at your place
  4. The claim will be activated when this below condition apply in your shipment.
4.1 You had took the shipment immidiate delivery upon its arrival
4.2 Your water quality has been approved that it is good enough for each kind of fish
4.3 You acclimated correctly with the fish
Note: In the event of loss due to flight delays or mishandling by airplane, we advise you to check the fish
immediately upon the receipt at the airport, preferably with the personnel who bring out your boxes.
   Claims should be immediately lodged directly to the airline’s concern. Without the above procedures, you risk the possibilities of getting your claims rejected.
Please note that we are not liable for such DOA. 
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